Contact the Board

You may contact any member of our Board, any Board committee, or any chair of any such committee to provide comment, report concerns, or to ask a question. Correspondence may be addressed to any individual director, the non-management directors as a group, any Board committee, or any committee chair by either name or title.

All such mailings are to be sent in care of the Corporate Secretary to the address described below. The correspondence will be examined by the Corporate Secretary from the standpoint of security and for the purpose of determining whether the contents actually represent messages from shareholders to our directors. Depending upon the facts and circumstances outlined in the correspondence, the Corporate Secretary will forward the communication to the Board, or any Director or Directors, as appropriate.

Corporate Secretary

Dollar Tree, Inc.

500 Volvo Parkway

Chesapeake, VA 23320

United States

To communicate with our directors electronically, emails may be sent to

The Dollar Tree, Inc.’s Board of Directors WILL NOT respond to items unrelated to the duties and responsibilities of the board, including:

  • Product complaints
  • Product inquiries
  • New product suggestions
  • Resumes and other forms of job inquiries
  • Surveys
  • Business solicitations or advertisements

If your question or comment pertains any of the items listed to the left, please visit our Contact Us page to submit your inquiry and it will be forwarded to the appropriate department.