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Vendor PartnersOur vendors aren't just vendors.
They're partners.

Since the day we opened our first store in 1986, Dollar Tree's success has been a reflection of the company we keep. When it comes to offering our customers quality, extreme value, and variety, we believe in the strength of working with our vendors as partners to grow our respective businesses.

We believe that if you treat your vendor partners fairly and honestly, they will treat you the same way. In addition to our focus on ethical business practices, we strive to maintain a trustworthy and honest relationship with our vendors. Our Code of Ethics (485K) outlines our expectations from both Dollar Tree associates and our vendor community. We strongly abide by these codes and continue to build mutually rewarding relationships with both new and existing vendors.


Merchandising Gift and Entertainment Policy PDF icon (349KB)
Click above to view Dollar Tree's policy regarding vendor gifts and entertainment.

Dollar Tree UPC Standards and Guidelines PDF icon (630KB)
Click above to view Dollar Tree's vendor guidelines for UPC coding quality, placement, and size.

Purchase Order Requirements PDF icon (103KB)
Click above to view the terms and conditions for Dollar Tree purchase orders.

Chemical PolicyPDF icon (181KB)

Code of Vendor Conduct PDF icon (179KB)

Commitment to Cage Free Eggs PDF icon (27KB)

Environmental PolicyPDF icon (265KB)

Health & Safety Policy PDF icon (147KB)

Human Rights PolicyPDF icon (157KB)

Pollinator Protector PolicyPDF icon (106KB)

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Our Merchandise Team promotes an open door policy. We are continually seeking new and different products that will help us encourage our "Thrill of the Hunt" philosophy.

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Dollar Tree offers four options to remove both time and expense from the financial supply chain.

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Vendor Hotel Discount Program

If you're coming to Chesapeake, VA, to meet with Dollar Tree, take advantage of discounts through one of our preferred hotels in the Greenbrier area:

Family Dollar Vendor Information

All merchandise vendors are required to receive purchase orders and transmit invoices electronically. The preferred method is through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Please contact the Family Dollar EDI team to discuss EDI testing or if you have any questions.

Access the following documents online for additional information: