Merchandise Mission


A vital mission, a committed team.

Dollar Tree's Merchandise Mission is to provide our customers with extreme value at the $1.00 price point. To achieve that mission, our Merchandise department focuses on four major aspects of purchasing:

  1. Finding the Right Product: Our team is continuously looking for new and innovative products that spark the "Thrill of the Hunt" shopping experience.
  2. Delivering Extreme Quality: We maintain high standards for product quality. Our goal is to enhance the "WOW!" factor in every product we sell.
  3. Getting the Right Price: With stores in all 48 contiguous states and millions of customers shopping us daily, our vendors are empowered to offer us extreme value, high quality items at a price that we can retail for $1.00.
  4. Keeping it Simple: Our goal is to work with our vendor partners to eliminate all excessive vendor costs, so we can increase the value to our customers.