• Michael A. Witynski
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Bob Sasser
    Executive Chairman
  • Kevin S. Wampler
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Alasdair James
    Executive Vice President, Merchandising and Supply Chain
  • Richard L. McNeely
    Chief Merchandising Officer
  • Thomas R. O’Boyle, Jr.
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Neil A. Curran
    President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree Canada
  • Betty Click
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • David A. Jacobs
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Michael Lech
    Chief Logistics Officer
  • William A. Old, Jr.
    Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
  • James A. Paisley
    Chief Information Officer
  • Bruce A. Walters
    Chief Development Officer